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Product + Health Tech Junkie

Product lead. Strategy, design, eng, and teambuilding skills. Expertise in product strategy, system design, prototyping, and software delivery management across industries (but primarily healthcare and social impact).


My name is Logan Starr (perhaps the logo makes sense) Smith, and I'm a product person based in NYC.

I like tackling big problems with a mix of empathy and technology. The former unlocks all possible solutions; the latter often solves problems more efficiently.

I got hooked on health early in my career (in the US) because it's the hardest nut to crack in America (outside of race <> criminal justice reform). But after helping some early-stage startups in SF and NYC as a product manager/ designer and developer, I thought I could provide more marginal value in the global health space.

So I moved to Kampala to lead tech for a health NGO, running public + private sector health products launched throughout the region. And then I moved to Nairobi to refine my design skills and help a human-centered design firm explore prototyping and technology work. Plus living in the region was incredible (ex. weekend kayaking on the Nile) and I learned a ton about how to start/ scale solutions globally, advising young companies in the health and energy spaces.

But then I found some other looney tunes with big dreams for a vertically-integrated healthcare system. We call it "LifeCo". I joined in NYC as the first hire, and over 2 years have built the team to 25 brilliant clinicians, data scientists, insurance gurus and engineers through multiple funding rounds.

Outside of work, I'm interested in criminal justice reform, movement (devotee of Ido Portal), neuroscience + microbiomes and why we "do things", and super lightweight astrophysics. And breakfast tacos. For every meal.