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Product + Health Tech Junkie

Product lead. Global experience. Healthcare expertise.


Thanks for checking out my site! I’m Logan Starr (sly logo right?!) Smith, a product person from ish Austin and NYC, currently based in London.

I like working with dreamers. Looney tunes. People who want to break systems and start from scratch. On meaty problems. Foundational stuff. Like how everyone can stay able enough to do what they love.

So far, that usually plops me on healthcare problems. Every country’s system is stupidly designed. Imagine health systems designed to keep people healthy, proactively, v. maximize per country GDP?

I’ve worked in NGOs, government, and small and big private-sector companies. In DC, NYC, SF, Kampala, Nairobi, and London (not to mention projects in 6/7 continents). Mostly in a product (design, engineering or PM) capacity.

Outside of “work”, I like talking about neuroscience, AI, philosophy, tacos, and mediocre Sci-Fi books. And I practice capoeira, gymnastics, kayaking — really anything involving movement not in the too too cold — and coach a lil too.

Hit me up (logan29smith at gmail dot com) for my resume or if you have a fun project. I dabble outside healthcare a lot.