Match large companies and startups


Web application that allows large companies to vet startup partners. We initially leveraged startup and industry experts to profile startups and then built a matching algorithm to pair them with corporate users. Later partnerships of our own continued to refine our vetting and matching algorithms.

Bridge 2

More analysis than you can handle

Bridge 1

Input business goals, output startup partners


Large companies want to keep innovating, and startups want partners to help them scale their businesses. But partnerships between the two groups are hard and rare.


I was working in an internal product lab at Deloitte Consulting. We sourced ideas from our clients and internally, and this was one of the most popular requests. So we raised funding and built a platform to license to Fortune 500 companies.

Design Process

This was my first experience with “large company” product design and formal Agile development. We had a remote team of UI designers, front-end developers, product managers, and business analysts all working to iterate the product.

At each sprint interval, we presented the tool to Fortune 500 executives across industries, gathering functionality and pricing feedback. I often led those demos, and we aggregated feedback and regularly tailored our roadmap to make sure each sprint hit on the most important features for our users.


We built an MVP in 3 months and then signed on pilot clients in the healthcare and retail space. This pilot informed our eventual rollout, and there are now Fortune 100 clients from multiple industries on the tool.

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