Project Al

Remotely manage high-risk patients


Web platform that integrates remote patient data (using wearables and biomedical devices) and care coordination between physicians, other care providers, and the patient. Through a cognitive computing partnership, we enabled advanced analytics and decision-making tools for physicians and patients.

Project al 1

Provider-side patient view concept


Congestive heart failure (CHF) affects 6M people in the US and leads to $450B in direct and indirect costs. And due to regulatory changes, hospital systems will see rising costs if readmission rates remain high from CHF and other chronic illnesses.

Context (additional)

17% of US health expenditures are attributable to CHF, 24% of CHF patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days, and Medicare reimbursement cuts have been increasing for high readmission rates.

Design Process

I was primarily involved during the initial ideation (a colleague’s father suffered from CHF), business case design, pitching to clients, and MVP design.

For the MVP we focused much more on the system architecture and back-end design. The prototype above was one of a few that was made for pitches, but the eventual MVP was designed to purely test out the physicians response to the device integration and analytics engine.


We partnered with an alpha client to pilot our MVP in 2015. Further information on progress was limited after I left the company.

Check out additional details on the technology here.